IPFA 2016

IPFA 2016

IPFA 2016

“Decapsulation of copper wire devices with high Tg mold compound using microwave induced plasma”
Jiaqi Tang, Jing Wang - JIACO Instruments B.V.
T. H. Tan, M. Endo, K. M. Ng,L. C. Lee - Sumitomo Bakelite Singapore Pte Ltd
Kees Beenakker - Delft University of Technology
Proceedings from the 23rd International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA 2016)

This work is done in collaboration with Sumitomo Bakelite Singapore Pte Ltd.


Epoxy mold compound with high Tg is used for high temperature applications such as automotive. However, downside of using high Tg EMC is the difficulty in preserving copper bond wires during acid decapsulation. The use of silver plated leadframes makes stitch bond exposure even more difficult as acid and conventional plasma etching easily attacks silver. A new decapsulation process is developed based on Microwave Induced Plasma etching to handle high Tg plastic copper wire packages.

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