EDFA Magazine 2021

EDFA Magazine 2021

EDFA Magazine 2021

“Enabling True Root Cause Failure Analysis Using an Atmospheric Oxygen-Only Plasma for Decapsulation of Advanced Packages ”
L. Heusinger-Jonda, J. Tang and C.I.M. Beenakker

Article published in Electronic Device Failure Analysis (EDFA), Volume 23, Issue 1


Semiconductor devices are subject to increasingly higher quality and reliability standards. Manufacturers of these devices must take extensive measures to ensure these standards are met, while at the same time adopting new highly integrated, complex packaging solutions including a variety of new materials and structures to achieve the economic and performance advantages that were previously met with silicon scaling. These factors imply the use of highly advanced tools to analyze potential failures, which often require physical access to the die. It is therefore essential that the decapsulation process does not affect the original state of the die, bond wires, and bond pads, and that consequently, original failure sites are preserved. It is the aim of this article to discuss a recently developed decapsulation method using the effluent of an atmospheric oxygen-only plasma and its use for root cause failure analysis of complex semiconductor structures.

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